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Finally, a large conditioner bar for curly and wavy hair textures. Easy to apply, no matter the texture and shape of your curls or coils. The conditioner bar is handcrafted with moisturizing ingredients.


How to Use:

Wet your hair and bar

Lather between your hands

Apply to the length of your hair

Rinse completely after three to five minutes


Made by Vida Bars LLC.

Vida conditioner bar

SKU: 17vidaconditioners
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  • Each bar is the equivalent to two to three bottles of product. Vida Bars have an optimal pH balance for healthy hair, making them color safe. The bars are handcrafted and all bars are vegan and gluten free.

    Balance conditioner: The Balance conditioner bar is handcrafted with light moisturizing ingredients, perfect for those with oily scalps and dry hair. This vegan formula will moisturize your hair yet avoid an oily scalp, made with lightweight ingredients like mango and kokum butter, and the added benefits of sugar beet extract and panthenol for added moisture. Ayurvedic neem powder promotes a healthy scalp.

    Clarity conditioner: Clarity conditioner bar is handcrafted with the lightest moisturizing ingredients, best suited for fine or easily weighed down hair. Formulated to give your hair lightweight moisture, keeping it healthy and hydrated with ingredients like mango and calendula butter, oat protein and peppermint essential oil for a fresh scent.

    Growth conditioner: The Growth conditioner bar is handcrafted with moisturizing ingredients, suitable for all hair types. It will help your mane grow, with star ingredients like Bergamot and Argan butter, Rosemary essential oil and Shikakai powder which promote a healthy scalp. Give your hair a boost, while providing balance with moisturizing and strengthening ingredients.

    Hydrate conditioner: The Hydrate conditioner bar is handcrafted with very moisturizing ingredients, best for dry damaged hair. Formulated to give your hair hydration and moisture with rich ingredients like Kokum, Murumuru and Argan, some of the richest butters you can find. It will help your hair come back to life, with a good balance of quinoa protein to help repair the damage.

    Soothe conditioner: Handcrafted with hydrating ingredients, suited for most hair types. The Soothe conditioner bar provide moisture with superior ingredients like mafura butter, shea butter and broccoli oil, to prevent hair breakage and help restore damaged hair. This conditioner bar will keep your hair strong and silky smooth, while eliminating frizz. The conditioner contains some of the same key ingredients as the shampoo, to help soothe dry, itchy scalps.

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